MUFON of Ohio Spring Conference Review
May 15, 2010

MUFON of Ohio brought to Ashland,Ohio, three of the most well respected
researchers in UFOlogy and the turnout was tremendous! Ted, Stan, and
John gave excellent presentations, sharing their experiences and
current cases with the capacity crowd. Some attendees drove from as
far as New York, Michigan, and Missouri to attend. UFO collectibles
and publications were available for purchase as well as food and snacks.

A Summary of Their Presentations and
Web links for Stan, Ted and John:

Stan Gordon: Stan Gordon's UFO Anomolies Zone

Stan gave the crowd an overview of his research activities in Pennsylvania
and surrounding states since 1965 including his far reaching experiences
in UFO and Bigfoot investigations. His observations included possible
links between the two phenomena based on his extensive investigative
experiences. He reviewed the Kecksburg PA UFO crash, providing additional
details not easily available to the public including photos and eyewitness
accounts supporting the theory that the crashed object was not a known
object, was intelligently controlled, and that a major cover-up of the event
occurred. Stan offered signed copies of his new book, Really
Mysterious Pennsylvania: UFOs, Bigfoot, and Other Weird Encounters
His book is also available from his web site as well as many public
venues. Based on his presentation, it is certainly a must read for anyone
interested in an in depth look at the UFO and Bigfoot phenomena.

Ted Phillips: Ted Phillips' Center for Physical Trace Research

Ted is a veteran UFO investigator specializing in trace evidence and did
not dissapoint the crowd, sharing his investigative experiences, including
his work with Dr. J. Alan Hynek during and after the Project Bluebook
years. He provided fascinating details of his current, ongoing investigations
of the Marley Woods phenomena including photographic and video evidence.
He demonstrated how the Marley Woods phenomena shows striking
similarities to the Skinwalker Ranch (Utah) phenomena that have
occurred in recent years. He provided new insights into the Delphos,
Kansas UFO landing event on which he did extensive studies of witness
accounts and traces left from the reported CE4 event. His investigations
and evidence point toward the possiblity of a UFO experiencing mechanical
difficulties, leading to the eyewitnessed landing in a Kansas farmer's
field. Ted is currently preparing a book for publication of his ongoing
investigations. More details of his extensive research can be
found at his web site.

John Ventre: 12/21/2012: A Prophecy

In an era wrought with media sensationalism, John brought into
focus the myriad myths and beliefs regarding the "2012" doomsday
scenario. John presented, in detail, the origins of this "cultural" phenomenon;
examining what may or may not actually happen on the alledged
fateful date of 12/21/2012. He presented the hard realities of possible
events that could occur leading to a major earth change based on known
phenomena including volcanic eruptions, climate change and meteoric
impact. John also examinded the origins of the myths surrounding 2012
as described by various cultures, seers, and scientists. John's book,
12/21/2012: A Prophecy, while being fictionally set, ties
together his observations and insights into the "doomsday" scenario.
His book is available from his website, as well as many retail venues.
John is also the State Director for MUFON in Pennsylvania and West
Virginia and more information on their ongoing research is available
from their websites.

Q & A Session

A fascinating question and answer session followed the speakers'
presentations which included the presenters as well as Phyllis Budinger
of Frontier Analysis Ltd. (a noted reseach laboratory specializing in
UFO related trace evidence testing and analysis) and Bill Jones,
the State Director of MUFON of Ohio. It was a lively interaction
between the panelists and attendees ranging on subjects from the
Bigelow Foundation's involvement in UFO research to the "miracle'
of Fatima. The interactions of speakers and audience actually caused
the event to run far beyond its alloted time!

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