2011 MUFON of Ohio Summer Conference Summary

"50 Years of Abduction Experience - Setting the Record Straight"


Travis Walton
The Official Travis Walton Web Site

Mr. Walton did not dissapoint the capacity audience in attendance.
Beginning with a multimedia presentation, Travis truely set the record
straight as to what happened in the hills outside Snowflake Arizona
the night of his abduction and in the days that followed. In his candid,
matter of fact manner, he clarified many details of his experience as
well as clearly letting the audience know when the filmakers took
dramatic license with the true account of his experience. His presentation
included excerpts of TV interviews with the actual participants in his
experience as well as interviews with the actors who portrayed them
in the film, "Fire In The Sky". To conclude his presentation, Travis
took questions from the audience making this a memorable time for
all in attendance. Travis sold out of his recently updated book,
"Fire In The Sky - The Walton Experience" and took additional
orders for copies that he would ship upon his return home.
His book is also available at his web site.

The Official Travis Walton Web Site
Although Mr. Walton, until recently, had left the lecture circuit,
we are grateful to him for deciding to share his experiences
with us here in Ohio.

Kathleen Marden
Kathleen Marden.com

Kathleen Marden, the niece of Betty and Barney Hill, brought
the audience fresh insights into the myths and facts surrounding
her late aunt and uncle's legendary abduction experience.
Having occurred in the early 1960's, their abduction experience,
and its subsequent unsought media publicity, (including a
"made for TV" movie), served to fuel myths and inaccuracies
about them that that survive to this day. Kathleen, with her
non-nonsense, analytical approach, dispelled those myths
and inaccuracies utilizing documented evidence to "set the
record straight" and provide a truely accurate picture of the
events surrounding Betty and Barney's fascinating and
sometimes terrifying abduction experience. Kathleen and
Stanton T. Friedman collaborated on "Captured! The Betty
and Barney Hill UFO Experience"
, a New Page Books
best seller, and she made copies of this fascinating book available
to the conference attendees. It is also available from her web site:
Kathleen Marden.com
As a bonus to the conference attendees, Kathleen gave a 2nd
presentation on the conundrum of alien abduction that pointed out
many of the analytical pitfalls that researchers and debunkers
alike either accidentally or purposefully encounter that distort the
facts about the alien abduction phenomenon. Kathleen clearly
demonstrated that regardless of the phenomenon's ultimate etiology,
it is worthy of serious scientic study. Kathleen followed her presentations
with question and answer sessions that allowed attendees to
further gain insight into her well presented subject matter.

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