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"The Unexplained"

It was another great conference. Here's a summary of the event.

The speakers included...

Joedy Cook

Richard Dolan

Jeff Wilson

Speaker summary...

Richard Dolan
Richard Dolan's Web Site

Richard Dolan is considered by many to be the pre-eminent historian of the subject,
and his presentation demonstrated that he is uniquely qualified to put the UFO
phenomenon in perspective as it relates to the world we live in.
After giving a brief history of the UFO phenomenon in modern times, Richard provided
unique insights into the workings of the geo-political world and how it deals with the
subject of UFOs. His emphasis was not on the nuts and bolts of UFOs, but how the
nations of the world would most likely deal with the subject.
The veil of secrecy surrounding UFOs, in his opinion, could reflect the
potential impact that the acknowledgement of superior UFO technology could have on
the economies of the world. In short, he believes that there are many good reasons why,
if UFOs do exist, they are being kept a secret.
We highly recommend that you read his numerous books on the subject for further
details of his theories.

Joedy Cook
Joedy Cook's Web Site

Joedy Cook is one of the most active bigfoot researchers in the
state of Ohio so he was uniquely qualified to share with the audience his
insights and views on the bigfoot phenomenon.

Joedy believes we are dealing with a true biological creature that is a remnant
of homonids that existed in earlier times such as gigantopithicus. He feels
the creatures' reported observed behaviors point to this conclusion. He presented
a number of slides of captured bigfoot behavior as well as brought to the conference
trace evidence in the form of plaster cast footprints.

As with any phenomenon, there are always those parts that don't fit the expected paradigm.
Joedy spoke about the "dogman" phenomenon and how it is also an ongoing
phenomenon with puzzling characteristics. Sightings and encounters with
the "dogman' have occured in several states including many in Ohio, Michigan,
and Wisconsin, and continue to this day.

Joedy participates in a number of bigfoot searches throughout the year and invites
anyone interested to sign up as a member of an upcoming field team.
See his links on the web for further information.

Jeff Wilson
Jeff Wilson's Web Site

Jeff Wilson demonstrated to the audience the disciplined scientific approach he
is taking with crop circle investigations. He surprised the audience with his
facts including that Ohio has the highest incidence of crop circle reports in the United States.

His investigations are thorough and cover a broad scope of information and data collection.
The data he has collected includes, among other things, that crop circles are likely to appear
near power lines and near sources of water. He also reported that 65% of all crop circles
appear in locations near known native american sites such as as mound formations.

He has also researched crop circle design and pointed out to our audience that the designs
sometimes appear to accurately mimic known scientific principles related to fractal geometry
and astronomy.

Jeff does not pretend to have the answers to this puzzling phenomenon, but his solid
scientific approach is sure to contribute a great deal to the eventual solving of this
ongoning mystery.

The International Metaphysical University
"Exploring Consciousness Through Education"
IMU Web Site

Our deep appreciation goes out to IMU for helping to bring these great speakers to our
conference this year. IMU has a deep appreciation for the value of increasing the worlds'
knowledge of subject matter often thought to be outside the realms of "genuine" science.
Despite this erroneous world view, IMU provides coursework in subjects including
Consciousness Studies, Holistic Health, Intuitive Arts, Paranormal Studies, Shamanism,
and Ufology. Richard Dolan is among the faculty facilitating courses in Ufology.

Classes can be enrolled in by anyone interested in broadening their knowledge of these
fascinating areas of study. While course fees normally do apply, IMU is currently offering
a "Free Test Drive" of one of their courses. Go to their web site to take advantage of this
limited time offer.

Thanks again to Kelly Weary and the staff of IMU for their efforts in helping to make
the 2013 MUFON of Ohio conference a success.

To learn more about IMU, go to their website or call 304-295-4411.

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