2014 Conference Summary

"UFOs - The Military Connection"


James Penniston

Jesse Marcel III

Donald Schmitt

John Ventre
of "Hangar 1 - The UFO Files"

Speaker summaries...

James Penniston, USAF/Retired

From the moment he entered the conference center, Jim Penniston was speaking with everyone and answering any questions posed to him. Jim had brought approximately 25 copies of his book and was sold out of them before half the conference was over. Jim carried a friendly persona and was quite approachable to any and all.

Jim started his talk by asking the audience how many had heard of the Rendlesham Forest Incident and was quite surpried to find that almost everyone in attendance was familiar with it. Jim described his experiences, both during and after the encounter with the black craft. Experiences he described as continuing a good while after encountering the UFO including his appearant memories of a binary code that he had written in his notes after the incident, but did not share during his initial debriefing, in fear it would jeopardize his future career in the military.

He shared with the audience the initial interpretations of that binary code and how some of them seemed to be geographic coordinates of various locations aroound the earth. Locations including the Giza pyramids in Egypt, a Mayan temple, and several other ancient and historic locations. He also shared that recent translations of additional pages of the code appeared to contain "messages" or statements about mankind.

Jim wrapped up his presentaion by taking numerous questions from the audience, and later participated in the panel discussion at the end of the conference..

Jim’s current book: “Encounter In Rendlesham Forest”

Jesse Marcel III

Jesse Marcel III was the first speaker of the afternoon and immediately bonded with the audience when describing what it was like for him growing up as part of the "First Family" of Roswell. Jesse shared many stories of growing up with his grandfather and father. His grandfather and he would often go fishing together. Occasionally the subject of Roswell would come up, but their discussions. more often then not, revolved around his grandfather's avid interest in football. Jesse portrayed his grandfather as an honest man who was always a bit troubled about the entire Roswell "coverup" he was caught up in by virtue of the events that transpired in 1947.

His latest book and DVD documentary: "Alien Crash at Roswell - The UFO Truth Lost In Time"

Donald Schmitt

Don Schmitt followed Jesse Marcel III and quickly demonstrated his encyclopedic knowlege of the UFO phenomenon and the Roswell incident in particular. He presented his experiences with the Roswell investigation that led to his conclusion that the real Area 51 was located in Dayton, Ohio at Wright-Patterson AFB. In his 20+ years of investigating Roswell, the common denominator appeared to keep pointing to WPAFB.

Don also spoke about his long term friendship with Leonard Stringfield; a highly respected UFO investigator who was from Ohio. Don praised Stringfield for his strict adherence to protecting his witnesses' identities. He also indicated that not all of Stringfield's files were passed on to MUFON, with a good number from 1978 on, still unaccounted for.

Don spent a good bit of time interacting with Jesse Marcel III, sharing anecdotes about his father and grandfather.

Don particularly wanted the audience to know that the name of his latest book, showing "AREA 51" in large print is actually focused on WPAFB and why it is the repository for all things UFO. Don was extremely well received by all in attendance and served to pull togther the theme presented by our other speakers, of the military connection to UFOs


His latest book (in partnership with Thomas Carey): "Witness to Wright Patterson; The Aftermath of Roswell"

Some pictures from this year's conference...

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