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"The Media - MIBs - and Orbs"


Nick Redfern

James Fox

Terry Ray


Rick Hilberg Receives MUFON of Ohio
"Lifetime Achievement" Award at 2015 Conference

Our 2015 conference began with the presentation of a lifetime achievment award to Rick Hilberg for his outstanding contributions to the field of ufology.

Here's a brief bio of Rick...

Rick Hilberg attended his first organized UFO meeting in December of 1958 and instantly became fascinated with the mystery of the "flying saucers" as they were then called. He became active in several small groups in the years after that and eventually decided to edit and publish his own newsletter on the subject in 1962. That little publication, first done on a spirit duplicator, would turn into his "original" "UFO Magazine" which was professionally printed and considered one of the best UFO publications during the 1960s. "UFO Magazine" ran articles by many of the leading ufologists of the time, and covered the full spectrum of the UFO scene for its many readers.

In 1970 Hilberg sold his interests in "UFO Magazine" to Allan Manak and Ron Pelger of "Flying Saucer Digest" and joined the staff of FSD as an associate editor. Hilberg became a co-editor of the publication in 1990 when its then long time editor Robert S. Easley stepped down. Upon founding editor Allan Manak's untimely death in 1999, Hilberg took over the editorship of FSD and continues to publish it on a quarterly basis. FSD remains one of the last traditional print "ufozines" still in existence. FSD is now in its 208th issue, and still going strong after its initial founding in 1967.

Rick has also published several other newsletters over the years including "UFO Magazine News Bulletin" and "Weirdology" magazine to name but two. Since 1997 Hilberg has issued at least one booklet addressing a specific aspect of the UFO or fortean mystery, the latest of which has just been released; his "Rick Hilberg's Book of Weirdology".

He is proud to have been one of the founders of the Congress of Scientific Ufologists ( which later became called the National UFO Conference ) back in 1964. This was the first serious attempt to hold annual conventions that stressed rational and objective UFO claims and theories.

Rick is a board member of MUFON of Ohio and serves as its Historian. We are proud to have Rick as the first recipient of the MUFON of Ohio Lifetime Achievement award.

Speaker summaries...

Terry Ray

Terry Ray led off the conference with an overview of the "orange orb" phenomenon. Terry fielded questions from the audience as the main body of his presentation and offered many speculations on the nature of the orbs which he reports are seen in many parts of the world, with the exception of power centers such as Washington, D.C. (Due to the high security in the D.C. area after 9/11)

He included a short you tube video of what was reported as orange orbs being seen from a boat on a lake for over 15 minutes.

Terry is a professional tap dancer and had a show scheduled in Pennsylvania the afternoon of our conference and had to leave early so was not able to participate in the panel discussion at the end of the days activities.

"The Complete Story of the Worldwide Invasion of the Orange Orbs" is his book on the subject

James Fox

James Fox demonstrated that an outgoing personality and undaunting persistence are vital in producing documentaries on a controversial subject such as UFOs. From his arrival at the conference, James was sharing fascinating stories about the world of film production and his views on the subject of UFOs. His skills at story telling followed him right into his presentation to an audience that was happily immersed in his experiences about bringing his documentaries, "Out Of the Blue" and "I Know What I Saw" to reality.

James demonstrated, with the help of many video clips, his attempts to interview folks, including former President Jimmly Carter. He made clear how daunting a task film production can be, He described film production as a "never ending" process that only ends when you run out of money or time. He shared how it literally takes years to gather the material needed to tell a good story and bring it to the public.

He related how he felt that "Out Of the Blue" didn't quite tell the story he wanted, and felt he could do better. With this intent, he spent several more years gathering financial support, and filmed additional material that would ultimately develope into the documentary, "I Know What I Saw".

While "Out Of the Blue" and "I Know What I Saw" met with critical acclaim on cable TV, his ultimate goal is to produce a full length feature documentary with wide theater distribution. Hence, his latest project, "701". James explained that 701 refers to the "unexplained" UFO cases in Project Bluebook files that remained classified as unexplained from the over 12,000 cases Project Bluebook investigated during its existence. James treated the audience to some brief brief clips that will be included in "701". He reports that "701" is approximately 90% of the way through principal photography and continues to evolve as additional production support is obtained. His plan is to have the movie and a four part documentary produced

Watch for his latest UFO documentary, "701" when production is complete and appears in a theater near you.

Click here for a complete profile of James Fox

Nick Redfern

Anyone familiar with his frequent postings on the Mysterious Universe web blog will know that Nick Redfern's interest in the paranormal is wide-reaching. From UFOs to Big Foot, to ghosts, to the men in black, Nick always has something to share with his readers, and always in an insightful and intelligent manner. His presentation at this year's conference left no doubt that he researches his subject matter thoroughly and provides a multi-faceted picture of the subjects he presesnts.

Based on his latest book, "The Real Men in Black", Nick's presentation gave an in depth history of the "men In black" phenonmenon; and he assured us that it in no way resembles what we have grown accustomed to from the movies. Nick presented, through historical research, how the men in black seem to show up in almost all aspects of the paranormal world. We'll leave it to you to read his book to see just how much the men in black get around, but suffice it to say, you will be genuinely surprised at his discoveries.

All in attendance were captivated by Nick's presentation and we all look forward to finding out what he has in store for us in the future. Until then, we will enjoy his current book, "The Real Men In Black" as well as the many books he has written on other fascinating aspects of the paranormal.

Click here for a complete profile of Nick Redfern.

Click here to read his recent article on "Why We Won't Get Disclosure"

His latest book: "The Real Men In Black"

Some pictures from this year's conference...

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