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The state of Ufology is expanding in scope every day, Elements that would not have been conceived of 10 years ago have made their way into the mainstream for you to consider. We at MUFON of Ohio strive to bring you fresh ideas and information from men and women on the leading edge of research.
This years conference presenters provided the attendees as broad a scope of information as we have ever had at our conference. From its tumultuous history to the leading edge of where its all going. For each of you reading this, there is a personal experience of reading, pondering, and judging what is to be believed and not. No one of our speakers will have all the answers, but each brings to the party a little piece of the action for you to add to your hope chest. As it goes with the speakers, so it goes with our conference and its planning. After a number of very successful years utilizing the Ashland Sheriff's Dept Annex (thank you Terry Hamilton for making that possible) as our venue of choice, we had to move on and try to provide you with a conference that meets your travel needs, your comfort, and your curiosity. This year's conference was at the beautiful Dublin Community Center and we appreciate their hospitality. We will continue to seek out venues that meet your needs and ours and our pledge is to bring you the best speakers we can find who are on the cutting edge of the UFO phenomenon. We're open to your suggestions 24/7 so email us with what you want to hear more about and who you want to see.
Dr. Irena Scott

While Dr. Scott may be new to the tasks of presenting, she is certainly not new to investigating the UFO phenomenon. She is a hands on researcher who has been "on site" at a variety of locations accross the world interviewing, visitng event sites and writing up her experiences. Her most recent book, which is selling extremely well is full of her first hand experiences that serve to expand upon the "routine" information found in most other books on Ufology.

Dr Scott connects with the reader from an anecdotal perspective, sharing stories she has encountered along the way. Stories that get cut from most other books on the subject.

Irena shared many of the anecdotal stories with out audience which added the human element that is so often missing from UFO investigations. Often those anecdotal stories wind up being the glue that holds the big picture together.
Our library on this web site contains many articles written by Irena through the years providing her unique perspective on the subjects at hand.

We appreciate her taking the time to share her years of experience with our attendees this year.

David Marler

Trainagular UFO sightings are relatively new to the mainstream of Ufology. David amply demonstrates that although new to the mainstream, it is a phenomenon that is not new at all. David traced the prevelance of the triangular UFO throughout history and shared with our audience how it continues to manifest itself to the present day. His presentation demonstrated to our attendees that the triangles are a unique phenomenon that appear to manifest themselves in many and varied scenarios. Entire UFO flaps have been manifested by their presence as he relates occurred in Belgium and in the Hudson Valley UFO flap in the United States. Historical reserach can be a thankless process of reading and searching relentlessly for your subject matter.

We appreciate that he has taken the time to bring some perspective to this unique phenomenon. His book makes fascinating reading and ties together main of the loose ends of this phenomenon.

Grant Cameron

From the very start of his presentation, Grant warned the audience to fasten their seatbelts because there was a wild ride ahead in his presentation. A wild ride it was.

It should be pointed out that researchers often, as they uncover new information, wind up going down the rabbit hole, as perceived by others. To them, the results of their research are the logical conclusion of years of digging and uncovering minute pieces of the puzzle which, when pieced together, paint a picture way beyond what anyone could have imagined, or, perhaps, better said, then one is prepared to imagine.

Ufology in recent years has opened up to some concepts that were scoffed at or totally unheard of a few yeaes ago.Things like telepathic communication, passing through solid objects, controlling inanimate objects with thought control, and yes, the old standby, missing time, are all now valid pieces of the UFO puzzle.

Grant Cameron has collected all those pieces and from those pieces has created a fascinating, and for some, an incomprehensible picture of how all these pieces tie together.

In short, Grant is reporting that the world you think you are living in is not the "entire" world you are living in. In fact he beleives this so much that he has gathered piece after piece of evidence supporting the conclusion that the government, military,and scientists "in the know" have already accepted such conclusions about an expanded perception of the world we inhabit

It must be admitted that Mr. Cameron presented so many pieces of information in such rapid succession, that I suspect many in the audience were left trying to play catch up. I know this writer experienced that on several occasions and I am already familiar with some of the concepts he was presenting.

Let's just say that he provided the assembled audience with many "thought-provoking" concepts, but we do highly recommend you read his books to absorb his conclusions. He might just be on to something,

His most recent book: "Managing Magic: The Government's UFO Disclosure Plan""

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