Phyllis Budinger Selected as MUFON's "Ufologist of the Year"

MUFON International, at this year's 2013 International Symposium in Las Vegas, Nevada,
selected Phyllis Budinger, an active member of MUFON of Ohio, as its' "2013 Ufologist of the Year"

MUFON of Ohio is proud to have Phyllis Budinger as an important member of our Executive board.
Her experience with trace case analysis provides important input to our field investigators and her
corporate experiences provide valuable insights into the everyday operations of MUFON of Ohio.

About Phyllis:

Phyllis Budinger was born and raised in northeast Ohio. She holds two degrees in Chemistry: B.S. from Baldwin-Wallace College, Berea, Ohio (1961) and M.S. from Miami University, Oxford, Ohio (1964). She joined Sohio, the original Standard Oil Company, in 1964. Through a series of mergers and takeovers the company ultimately became BP/Amoco.

Phyllis retired with the rank of Research Scientist from BP/Amoco in August 1999. Her 35 years of experience had been devoted to some facet of trouble shooting and problem solving for BP businesses. She has extensive experience in analyses using spectroscopic techniques (Infrared and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance), and has a working knowledge of most other analytical techniques.

Her expertise in the forensic analysis of UFO related materials has placed her services in great demand among well known investigators throughout the world including Ted Phillips, Nancy Talbott, Kathleen Marden, as well as MUFON Star Team members.

Phyllis has spoken about her forensic research at many conferences and symposiums such as the 2005 MUFON International Symposium in Denver, CO.

As well as her numerous TV appearances sharing her research work, her
detailed scientific reports can be found in numerous venues accross the Internet.

About Frontier Analysis Ltd.:

A life long interest in the mystery of the UFO phenomenon was the impetus for
Phyllis Budinger to establish a small laboratory dedicated to the study of physical traces
related to UFO events. Frontier Analysis, Ltd. was launched in March 2000.

Since then, the laboratory has examined numerous UFO trace samples from all over the world.
These include samples from abductions, cattle mutilations, crop circles, UFO deposits, and angel hair.

Some highly visible cases for which analyses have been provided include:

Soil traces from the Delphos Kansas landing event

Bedding material from a 2002 alleged abduction case in Brazil

The Betty Hill abduction dress

Assorted samples from Stan Romanek's experience.

Photo Tour of Frontier Analysis Ltd.

Her lab's infrared spectrometer. A critical piece of equipment in
determining the molecular make up of gathered UFO evidence samples.

Centrifuge (left) and other lab equipment including various microscopes.
The centrifuge allows Phyllis to separate compound samples for further testing and analysis.

Samples of collected evidence being prepared for detailed analysis.
This sometimes requires grinding samples into a fine powder for further testing.

Presentation display of the Delphos Kansas soil analysis
performed at the request of Ted Phillips, the primary investigator.
The Delphos Kansas case was a close encounter / witnessed landing of a UFO in 1971.
Carefully stored samples (soil samples, in this case) can sometimes
be successfully analyzed years after collection.

The dress worn by Betty Hill during her and Barney's 1961 abduction experience in New Hampshire.
A small swatch was removed from the dress for "destructive" but detailed analysis.

Phyllis preparing detailed reports of lab results produced during
the analysis of collected samples for various researchers.

Our warmest congratulations to Phyllis Budinger!

MUFON of Ohio (as well as all of Ufology) is honored to have
Phyllis as a valuable member of our research team.

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