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MORA = Mid-Ohio Research Associates (forerunner of MUFON of Ohio)

COMMENTS ABOUT NIGHTLINE UFO STORYI don't think people in the mainstream media really understand why reasonable people would take the UFO phenomenon seriously
LOUD UFOMORA has received sketchy reports from the Eaton, Ohio area of a loud and slow flying vehicle in the eastern landing paths of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base
WHERE TO BEGIN?How many other untold stories are out there to be discovered through chance conversation in a safe sharing environment? Many more, I suspect, than we can imagine
A STEP BACK IN TIMEPerhaps we were not the only ones who turned one of
Rod Serling's scripts into reality that night. What's that he used to say about a door to another dimension?
THE TUMBLING BLACK BOXYou can believe it or disbelieve it. If you laugh, I'll laugh right along with you
READER RESPONSE to "The Tumbling Black Box"The "black box" phenomenon takes many different forms
ALIENS LINKED TO ALLERGIES?The family came to me about three and a half years ago to tell me of a very strange "dream" that their young daughter had experienced
INVESTIGATING ABDUCTION CASESTake note of these if you ever get involved in an abduction case. Some of these factors are not necessarily obvious and might be easily neglected
THE MANDIBLE: A TEST RUNThe purpose of this article is provide another perspective regarding an artifact referred to as "the mandible"
A "SNAG" RETRIEVALYou can call this story a rumor, if you wish. Most of the flying saucer retrieval stories are like this
JACKSON, OHIO JUNE 5, 1996A brother and sister, she, 17 years old and he, 23 years old, were witnesses to an unusual event at their rural southern Ohio home
BREMAN, OHIO AUGUST 28, 1994Before the event, she said she was a non-believer in UFOs. Her experience has changed that opinion
Many thanks to John Timmerman of the J. Allen Hynek Center of UFO Studies for the initial lead to these sighting reports
She looked up to the east and saw "an Army green or dark gray, boomerang-shaped" object which appeared to be two or three times the size of the B-2 stealth bomber
Nine related and not-so-related investigations
A LETTER FROM UFO AFRINEWSWhat we take so for granted here is often not enjoyed by others in our shrinking and ever more interdependent world
PAULDING, OHIO CROP CIRCLE PHOTOSWhen first discovered there was no reported damage to the surrounding crops
1996 MUFON CONFERENCE SUMMARYThe Varginha, Brazil, case and Dr. Roger K. Leir's implant report stood out
AN OPINION - INTELLIGENCEOne of the major weaknesses of ufology is that we rarely get our information - that information we have worked so hard to obtain - into the hands of those who can use it best
US NAVY SUPPORT OF UFO RESEARCHWhile canvassing a neighborhood looking for eye witnesses to a local UFO sighting, we had a man tell us just a "bit" about his UFO investigative experiences while he served in the US Navy
SELMA, OHIO, MARCH 2, 1995Our witness to this sighting, who we shall name Phil, has experienced several other UFO sightings in his life, all associated with just lights in the sky at a distance of between one and five miles. These other sightings didn't excite him; he realized that they likely had a prosaic explanation. This sighting was different
DANCING RED LIGHTS OVER LOGAN, OHIOI believe this case is significant. The lights' apparent attempts to interact with both a car and an airplane; the strange wheezing heard; an anomalous object; the number of credible witnesses, including police officers; and other odd events in Ohio on that same day make this case intriguing from several different investigative standpoints
Abduction Experiences in Latin AmericaIt is curious that while instances of alleged abduction by UFO aliens are rife in North America, they should be considerably less virulent in the Spanish-speaking regions of the world.
Cincinnati Ballpark SightingThe UFO sighting happened in downtown Cincinnati (Hamilton County) on April 28, 1998, while a Cincinnati Reds baseball game was in progress.
Beavercreek, Ohio SightingThe first thing noticed by the witnesses was a low-pitched hum that was unfamiliar to them.
J. Allen Hynek
A 'Rocket Man'
Five months after the closing of Project Blue Book and the termination of his twenty-one year "scientific consultancy to the Air Force", Allen Hynek was once again under contract to the Foreign Technology Division at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.
Small UFO Sighted Near Jeffersonville, OhioMrs. Casey was unable to recall any details such as shadows being cast by the object, but did tell how other motorists were 'pulling off' of the Interstate as they drove past.
Mini-Flap in Northwestern, Ohio?The object did not appear to be posing a threat or acting in anyway that could have been interpreted as hostile.
Mini-UFO Seen Near WPAFB in 1950 It was about 4 feet above the surface and when it was about 50 feet from the fence along the base it elevated in a straight vertical motion to about 20 feet and cleared the fence and the highway.
Mysteries of the CaribbeanIn the 60's and 70's, belief in the Bermuda Triangle was not only fashionable -- it was de rigueur
Mysterious Warning at the 1995 MUFON SymposiumI felt that the government had just invaded my privacy, and that I was supposed to have felt threatened.
Roswell Debris at Wright-PattWe know this information was provided to the National Air Intelligence Center at WPAFB as part of their search for Roswell related information in response to the General Accounting Office (GAO) investigation. We know because we provided it to them.
Tear Drop Shaped UFOs The first object came down close to the ground about 100 yards north of where they were parked.
The Zanesville, Ohio PhotographsThe document was a report by the Rand Corporation that dealt with the photographic analysis of the photos Mr. Ditter had taken.
Richard Hall Replies to Robert Durant - "The Fitzgerald Report"Having just read the reissue of "The Fitzgerald Report" by MidOhio Research Associates [Ohio UFO Notebook #18], and your Introduction therein, I feel obliged to strongly protest your depiction of NICAP (and, by implication, me).
Bits and PiecesEverything from interesting links to book reviews
Other Triangle ReportsNeed more triangle reports? Here's 3!
British Official Secrets Act
Breakthrough on UFOs
Has the British Government ever employed the use of the Official Secrets Act to silence those implicated in the UFO subject? To those armchair researchers who proclaim that such an idea is absurd, I say, "Think again."
Thorneville, Ohio
the 1960s
Every UFO researcher has a file of sighting reports which, though tantalizing or worthy in some regard, are almost impossible to investigate because they lack crucial data
TRIANGLESThink there's any triangles flying around?
UFO Sighted Over Missile Base in 1966The response from NORAD included the comment that NORAD knew of the object's presence, having tracked it for some time over the United States.
Washington Elk Abducted by UFOThis is the horned, hooved variety; not the businessman type!
Project Silver Bug This investigation was received via the Internet from Mr. Belanus who wants to hear from anyone who can contribute to his investigation.
UFO/sighting relatedAbduction related Editorial/technical


THE LITTLE GREEN MEN OF WRIGHT-PATTThere are "green men" at Ohio's Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and they appear to be alien. We know. We have seen them. However, contrary to our ufological expectations, they are not "little"
PROJECT BLUE BOOKOn June 8 Bruce Ashcroft invited Mr. William Jones and I to Wright-Patterson to find out about the "Little Green Men"
EMF AND UFOs?The similarities between the reported effects of EMF (ElectroMotive Force) and the physical and mental effects reported by people who feel that they have had a UFO abduction are tantalizing and deserve further study


ABDUCTION TRANSCRIPTA man we shall name Chuck came to several MORA meetings before admitting to one of our members that he was interested in having someone hypnotize him. We are including part of the two session transcripts here for the record and for your information
MUDDY FEETThis is a follow up story concerning the experiences of a lady - I shall call her Terry - I had first talked with in September, 1992. I met her while investigating a UFO case that involved her husband. (See: Ohio UFO Notebook, March 1993)
COOPERATION BETWEEN HUMANS AND ALIENS?Stories about human-alien cooperation are beginning to be heard with increasing regularity, and some contain a ring of truth. Writing in the February/March 1994 issue of UFO Library (11684 Ventura Blvd., #708, Studio City, CA 91604), Brian Grish had this story to tell concerning an interview that he and George Knapp had during their 1993 research trip to Russia
SPANISH AERIAL ANOMALIESTwo Spanish sighting reports. One by a NATO officer
A KLASSIC EXPLANATION FOR A UFO SIGHTINGTaken from a Cleveland Ufology Project UFO sighting report dated in 1965
USS FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT CVA-42Mr. Chey Grusinski (19780 Vermander, Clinton TWP, MI 48035) is seeking information on UFO sightings that were made from the aircraft carrier Franklin D. Roosevelt. If you served aboard this ship or know of anyone who did, please see if you can help him out with his research project


IT'S A FAMILY AFFAIRAs abduction researchers, we can never be quite sure just what we'll get involved in when we are asked to look at an individual experience
WEST ALEXANDRIA, OHIO SIGHTINGSOn February 5, 1993 a rural family living near West Alexandria in Preble County had a UFO sighting experience
DELAWARE, OHIO SIGHTING CATALOGThe local newspaper, The Gazette, has recorded a few local UFO sightings over the last twenty-five years
CANTON, OHIO TRIANGLEA huge triangular shaped object three to five times the size of a Boeing 747 passed over part of Canton at an altitude estimated to be no higher than two telephone poles
CONFIRMATION OF UFOLOGY'S DARKER SIDE?The following material was originally published in the "Ohio UFO Notebook, Supplement 1-92," July, 1992, pp 11-14
MONTAUK POINT UFO EVENTThis is an account of a government witnessed UFO event that is worthy of mention and follow-up if additional witnesses or other information can be uncovered
OUT OF THE MOUTHS OF BABESI have talked with the parents of a three-year-old boy, a four-year-old girl and a five-year-old girl who were a little concerned about what their small children were telling them about their dreams
A LIFETIME OF CONTACTGloria is a pseudonym for a contactee who has claimed that her experiences have been occurring over her entire lifetime, the last being just two weeks prior to this session (July 17, 1993)
A DIFFERENT SORT OF ETHNIC RESTAURANTThis sighting occurred in the summer or fall of 1967 or 1968 - the date is uncertain because the report was made in March of 1989


A PERSONAL LIST OF POSSIBLE SIGHTINGSSince 1984, I have been receiving numerous phone calls where the caller leaves the line open for 45 seconds to a minute and then hangs up. This might be important, particularly in light of similar reports involving UFO witnesses and investigators as noted by John Keel in his book The Mothman Prophecies.
CROP CIRCLE HOAXESDo you believe the crop circles appearing in England are proof of an alien presence? Be careful. These quotes are from an article by Peter Williams entitled Hoaxing Explains It from the fifth issue of The Cerealogist
SOUTHEASTERN OHIO ENIGMAThey began calling it "Greenman" because of the green light
LARGE BLACK SHAPES - AN ABDUCTION STORYAlthough Bonnie had seen a UFO in November, 1964 along Ohio Route 23 while driving between Marion and Columbus, Ohio, this was not the event that led to this investigation
WARWICK RESEARCH INSTITUTE MEMOA retyped, unsigned memo is making the rounds of UFO research circles these days. At this point it is unknown whether it represents a real document or is a hoax. However, because of the memo's apparent wide distribution, MORA decided to see if, at a minimum, the Warwick Research Institute exists. It does
There are some things that people do not want to talk about. We humans do this because the "unspeakable" will sometimes tell us something about ourselves that we don't want to admit or it will destroy a presumption about our world which is very dear to us. Then, on occasion, there are some things that are just too horrible to contemplate


MANTELL, JANUARY 1948, A HISTORIC EVENT REVISITEDKnowing of MORA's interest in the Mantell case because of an article entitled Historical Notes: Thomas Mantell authored by William E. Jones in the April 1990 issue of the MUFON UFO Journal, CUFOS's John Timmerman (T) sent along a copy of a transcript of a conversation that he had
CHESTER, WEST VIRGINIA, AUGUST 5, 1969Anne remembers looking up through the open sunroof, thinking an airplane must have exploded. Instead she saw a bright light source in the sky the color of sunlight. A round or oval shape seemed to be behind the light
OHIO PENITENTIARY SIGHTINGA lot of time has passed since the sighting and locating confirming witnesses will be difficult. However, this report should be considered preliminary. It is hoped that more witnesses and evidence will be forthcoming
This story was also told to John Timmerman by Mr. Ed Hertzberg. Unfortunately the date of the event is unknown. What follows is quoted directly from the tape Mr. Timmerman made of his conversation with Mr. Hertzberg

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