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by Paul Althouse, Webmaster
MUFON of Ohio

What is the current state of Ufology? Think about it. Ever "google" UFO?

Everything from Kenny (from "South Park") getting abducted by aliens, to the X-Files, to "Ancient Aliens",
have thrust our culture into a new era. An era that has turned Ufology from the "whipping boy" into the "golden boy".

I remember calling everyone I knew to tell them that an actual show about UFOs
was coming on TV? Now it seems that every other week is "Alien Abduction Week"

And, oh yes, don't forget about the medium that is allowing you to read this right now,
the Internet. Andy Warhol's 15 minutes of fame has reached into all of us,
and what a caldroun of stories it is brewing.

People come to MUFON of Ohio meetings for information and to tell their experiences.
They come to tell others about something they couldn't believe happened, to people who would listen,
and not ridicule; and to get information about a subject they couldn't hear about anywhere else.
"Who else saw one? What do we know about them?
Abductions?... You mean they really take people and do things to them?"

The "Age of Innocence" is over. It's come and gone. We've been swept from "lights in the sky"
to The Phoenix Lights, and what have we gained? Dig deep. What have you gained?
Finger that alien keychain in your pocket and think about it. Where do the answer's lie?
Maybe they are in a government vault somewhere with a guard posted at the door.
If they are, neither you nor I will ever see them. Where does that leave us?

The key here is YOU!

Anyone reading this now is qualified to be the best researcher there ever was. Why?

Because you want to know.

Ever go to a UFO lecture and look around at the others in
attendance? Weirdos? Kooks? Lunatics? I don't think so. What you see are people
just like yourself. Look at Linda Howe, Stan Gordon, Ted Phillips, Richard Dolan.
You are looking at people just like you who want answers but can't wait for the answers to be handed to them.

To adjust to the new "GLOBAL" era of ufology, MUFON of Ohio keeps evolving.
It is our hope that through the two-way sharing of information, we can, together, put more of the UFO
puzzle pieces together and make sense out of all of this.

As I began writing this, I thought that ufology was robbed of it's adolescence, but,
perhaps this "IS" its adolescence.
Perhaps this is the beginning of a time when we
will take responsibility for getting the answers.

We are all investigators. It just takes asking questions.

Before this next statement, I will apologize first....but...

THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE! ...and it's yours for the taking.

Join us in finding the answers. There are many more of you than you think.

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